Our Projects


Fossil farm

Market Garden (Acreage)

Fossil farm was our property at Mullumbimby on the far north coast of New South Wales in Australia.  This is where we learnt about organic farming, often the hard way, making many mistakes, but always (and still) learning.  Starting from scratch gave us a blank canvas to work with. 

We have become quite passionate about growing healthy food and protecting the environment through organic practices.

Small veggie patch

Backyard garden

Downsizing from a rural property to a suburban plot was a huge change for us.
Bed preparation is exactly the same with any size vegetable patch.


Large vegetable patch (Acreage)

This is a large area set aside for growing vegetables.
We were not involved in the initial set up. The couple had been quite successful with their first lot of crops but subsequent plantings were not good. So, as with all projects, back to basics and that means addressing the soil first.

Mother Nature responds very quickly when we do things to her liking and this plot has continued to improve.

Raised beds

Backyard garden

There are many varieties of styles and materials in transportable beds available commercially.

We were not involved in the initial set up of these particular beds. We were called in when they needed a kickstart to get things going again.

It is important to work on the soil- get that right and everything else will be much easier to manage.