Backyard Garden

Small veggie patch

This is our very steep garden area. The images show the installation of raised beds using ironbark timber slabs.
We built these beds using 200 x 50 mm Ironbark timber slabs
Removed the grass & dug up the soil
Very poor quality red/clay soil. We added gypsum to help break it up
Gypsum added
Adding horse manure
Note the slope of the land
We had to dig it through many times
Adding the compost
Blood & bone fertilizer is a favourite of ours
Mixing the fertilizer through
A good thick layer of mulch is really important
We then treated the bed with microbes & humic acid
We let the beds sit for a couple of weeks then planted out our seedling.s
Plants respond well if you give them what they want
These plants are only about 4 weeks old