The large vegetable patch

At Limpinwood, in the Gold Coast hinterland, the owners of the property have set aside an area 20 x 30 metres to grow vegetables organically for their own use and to share with friends and family.

The soil is typical red: friable but lacking in organic matter, nutrients and microbes. Some crops had been grown successfully, others not so well. We began a program of soil improvement techniques using compost, manures, organic fertilizers, and microbial products. The result has been extremely good.
The very first bed we began preparing
Ph was 4-4.5 so lime was added along with compost, horse manure & organic fertilisers
The beds were mulched, allowed to rest for at least a week then planted out
Plantings 3 weeks later
Bed is being prepared for pumpkins
Pumpkins now growing nicely
Prepared bed prior to planting
After preparing the bed it is rested for minimum of 1 week
New plantings
Seedlings 1 week after planting
Beds prepared and mulched
Watered deeply & microbes added
Garlic growing really well
Celery & lettuces