Organic Gardening

"Growing food is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, 
because you're in danger of becoming free.
In our society, growing food yourself has become the most radical of acts.
By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world - we change ourselves!”
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- Jules Dervaes
plan, design and maintain an

Organic Garden

In this section you will find lots of information that will help you setup a successful organic garden You can learn about building soil, plants, planting guide.
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identify and learn about


Identify and learn about different insects you can find in your backyard. 
Our comprehensive database of pests and beneficial species will help you easily identify and learn how to deter or attract different insects and pest control.
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Find inspiration following different projects from start to finish.  Explore how we built a small commercial market garden (Fossil Farm), raised beds, backyard gardens, etc.
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Growing organic food

Earth is teeming with life, generosity and abundance.  Insects play a very important role in nature and are vital for a healthy and balanced the ecosystem.  There will always be some insects eating the plants in your garden, and along with pests there will also be beneficial insects that prey on them and help keep the numbers under control. A few insects will not be a problem and will not need any action on our part. 

Even with some bugs chewing on some leaves, the garden will still produce a beautiful harvest.
The bigger problem is that, when creating our gardens and specifically vegetable gardens, we often alter the natural balance by creating an environment that attracts more pest species than would normally be there.
That is why it is important to know which insects are on our side and will help us achieve our goal.

By growing organically, we have the opportunity to design and manage our gardens in a way that replicates nature as much as possible. The more diversity we can create, and the healthier we make our soil, the more balanced and healthy our garden will be.   
The healthier the garden is, the more balanced life will be around it.
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Insect Gallery

The insects database is a result of 15 years experience as primary producers and consultants in the organic gardening industry. We have collected information and photographed over 250 different species to help you identify and interact with them in your garden.
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